In MekArcade you get to pilot a giant war machine in the 35th century, and experience all the explosive, multi-pilot, online meka actions you can ever want. The xciting news for 2014 is we have teamed up with TheIntercooler games, making a much stronger team and one more able to render for you the best meka action in the Galaxy. We look forward to joining you in battle in the seconf half of 2015.

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The 0.4 release of MekArcade is the first public release and will be fully functional with MP and SP games, multiple mek types and explosive big meka action. In the second half of the years we will extend the mek classes further, add defensive weapons and more. In 2013 we plan to extend the SP gameplay to make it more 'tactical'.

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  • Fast, explosive gameplay; battle with the best pilots in the galaxy.
  • Missions can be online, over a LAN or on your own PC.
  • Intelligent bots can play in both MP & SP modes.
  • Huge range of mission and variations
  • 5 different Mek chassis with differing abilities
  • Load out your Mek with your choice of weapons
  • Customise everything! Weapons, environment or gameplay
  • Host your own custom missions, which can be private or public
  • Easily edit maps in game with the magical Cube2 game engine
  • Maps can even be edited live and cooperatively with other Mek pilots
  • Join up and start a clan for a whole bunch of goodies
  • Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Best of all its completely free.
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