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Apr 21 2013 Anchor

In update 11 (I don't recall coming across the issue from earlier builds, but never tested it), the shield doesn't trigger if you hold down the shield button while you don't have full character control. Instead of the shield turning on when you are done with your attack animation or getting flung around, you have to release the button and press it again.

Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Thanks, we'll have a look. Did you try rebinding the shield button to another button? Maybe that will help.

Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Yeah, there was no difference between using the shoulder trigger and the shoulder button. I would imagine that it is because the input code is set up to only turn on the shield when the button is first pressed. I think the shield is the only action in the game where ignoring the input when you don't have character control might be a problem.

Apr 22 2013 Anchor

Alright, we're on it. :)

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