Maze Qore Arena is a top-down, bullet hell, old-school, arena-arcade shooter bundled with 36 singleplayer levels of bullet-raining hell, organized into 6 sectors of the entire prison facility. It also comes with 9 multiplayer game modes, the old-school classics with a unique, crude, twist.

You will not survive alone. You'll need backup.


You were sentenced to life for a crime you did not commit in Maze Qore – a maximum-security prison. 12 years have passed since your sentence and you’ve almost given up hope on living, until one fateful night. Suddenly, the alarm triggers and a prison riot occur. One of your fellow prisoners unlocks your cell door and hands you a pistol shortly before he is killed by a prison guard. You quickly fire your pistol on the prison guard, killing him instantly, and steal his assault rifle. You escape your cell and regroup with your fellow prisoners, organize a resistance, and prepare to escape this enormous dungeon-size nightmare populated with millions of prison staff, and unsuspecting horrors. Now is your chance! Will you escape Maze Qore prison?


  • 8-hour Singleplayer Campaign

  • 36 campaign missions

  • Extras and unlockables


This game is currently in early-access so not all features are completed. We plan to have a fully-functional multiplayer experience that will definitely live up to the game's title "Arena", complete with achievements and our own custom level editor. By supporting us, we can make such goal possible in a much faster time-span.

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The new 0.7 update for Maze Qore Arena is now available!

In this update, we have been hard at work to deliver yet another a new game mode, and a few more new levels!

New Pixel Post-Process Effect

Animated ScreenshotAnimated ScreenshotAnimated ScreenshotAnimated Screenshot


New Game Mode: Identity Theft

Steal the ID card, escape the area or kill all the other players to win! Player with the fastest completion time wins!


  • New game mode: Identity Theft.
  • New map: Outdoors - Imperial Base.
  • New map: Outdoors - Deserted Town.
  • Introduced a PS1/PC-classic graphics aesthetic.
  • Improved the AI to perform better with Flag Hustle, and the Riots.


Bot AI may still have a few hiccups with Identity Theft. We might work towards fixing it in a patch.


As this year comes to a close, we've been deciding long and hard with what to do with this game. Despite our efforts, nigh no one seems to care that this game even exists as it has languished for months with no online servers populated with players (let alone at least one server to join), and almost no activity. Either that, or they probably played the outdated singleplayer demo and forgot about the entire game afterwards. For all we know, we are unsure if anyone is probably even reading these update articles.

So considering this and the research on how competitive multiplayer games fare on this marketplace, we've concluded that competitive multiplayer is a fruitless endeavor. We really want to give players a reason to care for this game, and most importantly enjoy the game, for our success can only be achieved when players are enjoying this game.

Starting next year (and part of our resolution for 2022), Maze Qore Arena will be overhauled. It will no longer feature competitive gameplay as it currently stands. Instead, it shall live closer to it's name; an Arena; a coliseum of enemies to slay; a might and fight for survival. MQA is going cooperative.


Most of the pre-existing levels, sprites, and gameplay will remain intact. The game modes will be scrapped and replaced with only one; Survival.

NPCs from the old singleplayer demo will make their return to the overhaul.

Bots will be overhauled to specifically support this game mode, so hopefully you will not have to fight alone against waves offline.

This also means MQA might compete with the likes of Killing Floor when it comes to it's new gameplay direction (even though we're not trying to compete with them).

From the beginning of this game development, we wanted to provide a variety of gameplay options for players to enjoy including the Survival mode (eventually), however we've learned that MP games for the most part have gone nowhere, often dead-on arrival. We tried to rectify this with bot support, giving players an alternative to at least still enjoy the game offline should online disappoint.

We've learned that sometimes. it is better to keep it simple and straight-forward, rather than try to make an online game suite.

Hopefully all goes well. It will take a long time before an overhaul arrives.

(c) Néotl Empire
Establish, Explore, Expand.

Introducing Foresight - Progress Update [5/6/21]

Introducing Foresight - Progress Update [5/6/21]


Maze Qore Arena is heading into a new direction as we introduce new levels with the Outdoors update, as well as a new playtest program that pays playtesters...

Progress Update [6/29/20] - Upcoming Features

Progress Update [6/29/20] - Upcoming Features


We would like to show you what we have been working on since the early access release of MQA, and our plans for multiplayer and modding.

Maze Qore Arena now available on Steam!

Maze Qore Arena now available on Steam!


Maze Qore Arena is now available through Early Access on Steam for free. Only single-player is available and everything is subject to change. Online multiplayer...

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