Slay the cult, save the future. Our future never happened, that is until you decided to fight for it. Go back in time to fight the blood cults and their vampiric overlords before they get a chance to consume humanity. Created by two guys with big ambitions, MAYHEM blends together the gameplay of Call of Duty Zombies and Doom topped off by a powerful score by Mendel bij de Leij (Aborted, System Divide, Mendel).

  • Brutal fast-paced combat that rewards skill. Shoot and dodge your way through overwhelming odds. Push yourself to improve and outwit relentless enemies.
  • Explore the handcrafted castle Use your enemies blood to unlock new rooms and abilities. Use the new found spaces and resources to survive the increasingly difficult challenges. Plan ahead carefully. Every choice has a consequence. Do your choices lead to the future you want to save?
  • Personalize your playstyle with a large selection of weapons, perks and upgrades to choose from, creating endless combinations to replay the game endlessly.

Join us on Discord and help improve and test the game!

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MAYHEM is a fast roguelike-horde survival shooter, you can playtest the game in our discord and wishlist the game on steam

Hey there, thanks for checking out our second dev-log for MAYHEM.

This week I’ll be discussing the release of our latest test version and some of the major changes made in them. The new version is changing MAYHEM slightly, gone are the portals every 3 rounds that take you to new arenas. Instead we’re going back to the classic setup in which you run around in a small arena, unlock new parts in and hunt for easter eggs. Later on the game will have you unlock new maps. The reason for this is that I strongly believe the game was more fluent and fun in that classic setup (if you felt differently please let me know). MAYHEM works best if the player is forced to play in small arenas and has to manage their resources well. But we haven’t just removed the other arenas, while they aren’t in this test-version they will make a return in the future.

Level up

I’ve added a new way to gain perks in the game, instead of just scoring points players now gain experience instead. All perks have been redesigned and now stack, players can have multiple copies of each, so you can now have crit chance and pierce on the same weapon. There is a caveat though as there is a perk limit of 6. Meaning that every perk you choose should be carefully considered.

1920x1080 screenshot 104You now level up between rounds

Classic returns

The old arena has been restored to its initial version, with the key and locks returned. Moreover, a new easter egg has been implemented together with some quality of life improvements. Enemies can no longer get stuck in geometry and colliders have been adapted thanks to a lot of feedback from our testers.

1920x1080 screenshot 102The doors have returned

1920x1080 screenshot 88

You'll have to look for this one

New visuals lobby

The lobby has been changed as well, it is now fully modeled and textured. The lobby also replaces the classic perk room for the rest of a run.

1920x1080 screenshot 103Quite an upgrade from the old greybox


I’ve also spent considerable time trying to fix the wave skip bug and an issue which caused everything to become immortal. Since both issues stem from low level problems the solution I chose was to rewrite a large chunk of the code in order to bypass the buggy parts of MLAPI that caused the issues.

Thanks for checking out this devlog. You can play the game in our discord and don’t forget to wishlist on steam.



I put a giant mutant skeleton with a horn for a mouth in my game

I put a giant mutant skeleton with a horn for a mouth in my game


Hey there, thanks for checking out my first dev-log for MAYHEM, a roguelike horde fps. This week I'll introduce you to our newest enemy: Big Doot.

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