Maya Breaker is a retro 16-bit style adventure platformer. You are given a giant claw on a chain early on. You can use this to swing from hooks and ceilings, latch onto walls and fight enemies. A massive underground world is yours to explore, but surviving won't be easy. The root of the problem are a race of carnivorous plant monsters who want to gobble you up.

Remember that feeling of swinging from hooks in Castlevania IV? Remember how upset you were when they took that out of all sequels? This is the game that fixes that. Swinging from hooks has been worked into all the puzzles, combat and boss battles of this game. You will get maximum swing for your dollar! It brings familiar platforming with new angles on puzzles to test your brain.

The main campaign will likely take 10 hours to beat on your first time through. This is not a 40 hour RPG or shooter. You will not be wandering the same halls for days--instead get treated to more boss battles and combat. After finishing the game, you should be able to speed through it in a couple of hours.

Naturally, there are many secrets to unlock. You will be able to buy challenge rooms that you can test your skills in and try to get the best time.

This game is designed specifically to play with the Retrolink Classic Controller, giving it an authentic feel. It can also work with a Standard Microsoft Gamepad, of course, and WASD or arrow key setups.ScreenshotOculus
I have been working as an indie game developer for more than five years. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone smile as they discover a grand secret in your game. I had a great experience working with Saturnine Games to create 'Antipole' the gravity-inverting platformer. It was amazing to see people play it on their Xbox 360 and DSi.

My previous partner has moved on to work on a port of Sports Friends (Thanks Kickstarter!) and that left me to work on my own project. I have made a new 16-bit style platformer. This time the format is Metroidvania and the core mechanic is swinging on hooks!

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Android Version Coming


I'm happy to say that we reached our stretch goals on Kickstarter, so an Android version of the game will be coming out next Spring.
I hope to get the PC version out in January, and we can go from there. Thank you all for the support.What we really need now is votes so we can get through Steam Greenlight.

If you can help, please go here and vote!

For Immediate Release, Maya Breaker

For Immediate Release, Maya Breaker


<strong>New Kickstarter. Learn about this new 16-bit metroidvania adventure game.</strong>

Final 48 Hours for Maya Breaker Kickstarter!

Final 48 Hours for Maya Breaker Kickstarter!


This is the final countdown for the Kickstarter campaign.

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Maya Breaker Playable Demo 1

Maya Breaker Playable Demo 1


This is meant to be played with a Microsoft gamepad. For Windows 7. This is a playable demo of the game, please email me at mike at xanthous ray games...



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nice...i like the should put more ennemies in the alpha demo...

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