Welcome to the world of MaxControl. The first Base-Building, RTS, Shooter in Cryengine.Here you are in the year 2034, shortly after the Great Depression, followed by seven years of global war. The two largest companies in the world (Global Resource and Stabil & Gut) wrestle for supremacy. Born as a mercenary, you are fighting against everything ... as long as the price is right.

Explore an open world to develop new technologies, while you are fighting against your opponent with strategic skill, speed and team spirit. Produce and distribute various products to fulfill the needs of your employee’s satisfaction. Built bases with tactical skills and ensure your vital resources. Occupy both individual villages and entire regions to be faster, better and more efficient than your opponent ... .. if you want to survive.


Willkommen in der Welt von MaxControl. Dem ersten Base-Building, RTS, Shooter (Cryengine).

Ihr befindet Euch im Jahr 2034, kurz nach einer Weltwirtschaftskrise, gefolgt von sieben Jahren globalem Krieg.

Die zwei größten Unternehmen der Erde (Global Resource und Stabil & Gut) ringen um die Vorherrschaft. Zum Söldner geboren kämpft ihr gegen alles... solange der Preis stimmt.

Erforscht eine offene Welt, um neue Technologien zu entwickeln, während Ihr Euern Gegner mit strategischem Geschick, Schnelligkeit und Teamgeist einheizt. Produziert und handelt mit verschiedensten Waren, um alle Bedürfnisse Euer Angestellten zufriedenzustellen. Erbaut mit taktischer Gewandtheit Eure Basis und sichert Euch lebensnotwendige Ressourcen. Besetzt sowohl einzelne Orte als auch ganze Gebiete, um schneller, besser und effizienter als Euer Feind zu sein... wenn ihr überleben wollt.

Hey everybody!!!

Short things about us.

We are a young group of currently five people!!

(Our community manager, 1programmer,1 level and art designer, 1 director and 1 componist)

The Single-Player campaign will appear after the game has been released (when we leaf the Early Access).

Utilize a new form of real-time strategy within the teams. While in first Person campaigns you plan together within the team, you have also the possibility to split Logistics and military structures. Therefore, Max Control offers the possiblity, to choose between the FPS, the base builder, the troops General or the construkter.

Base directions: construct all necessary buildings and the equipment

Troops General: Command all military campaigns

Constructor: design Outposts and industrial buildings! Conquer new places and discover new resources to secure the necessary supplies for your team

Each player has his own real-time map, in which the index is influenced by the daily cycle.

Produces up to different goods to earn Gold, to equip your army, build new bases and to satisfy your employees. In addition, you have the possibilty to sell and buy goods at the market.

Enter a world in which your strategy depends on resources, time oft day and weather conditions. Destructible environments will also have an affect on all activities. Every place, every street and every building has to be used to plan ambushes, to take positions or to launch offensives. To be protected against the enemies, you will have to expand your tactical interplay permanently, so you are able to keep and conquer highly competitive areas.

Currently you have the choice to choose between two of three different air-strikes!

Equip your weapons with a variety of Upgrades to obtain an advantage in the fight.

Build your base with MG-Towers, antitank towers or walls to protect it.

Other systems such as Flak are being planned and will soon follow.

Stormtrooper, Heavy Machinegunner, Sniper, Tactical-Unit, Tankbuster!


Grenade launcher, RC Misle, Dronepak (in progress), Mortar (in progress)

Further classes are already being planned and will soon follow.


MG HMMWV, Van, Canon truck, Abrams light/heavy, Bbrams light/heavy, Hunter

Other vehicles such as the Skatmobile, Rocket Van or Antiaircraft gun are already being planned and will soon be added.


Stormtrooper, Mg Soldier, Mortar, sniper, Medic Drone,


MG HMMWV, Canon Truck, Abrams, Bbrams, Hunter

Estimated System requirements


Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-Bit

Prozessor: Quad Core CPU, or better

Random Access Memory: 8 GB RAM

Grafics: NVidia Geforce GTX 560 2 GB DDR5 or comparable

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Memory: 35 GB

Soundcard: DirectX compatible


Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-Bit

Prozessor: Intel i5 2500, i7 2600, 2700 or better

Random Access Memory: 12 GB RAM

Grafics: GTX 750 or better

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Memory: 35 GB

Soundcard: DirectX compatible

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Kickstarter announcement



kickstarter 30sep


Get ready! The MaxControl Kickstarter camapign starts at September the 30! We put a lot of work in it and are really excited to show what we've prepared!



We've also opened a Discord server where we'll answer questions from time to time and where you can discuss the game or just meet to play. Join us!

Discord invitation

And last but not least, a few weeks ago we had a interview with Crytek about MaxControl. Check it out below!

MaxControl Spotlight

Maxcontrol Spotlight

Best regards!

What We Plan For The Near Future

What We Plan For The Near Future


Hey Conttrolers, a few infos of what we will implement in the next weeks ans months!

The Controler Contest

The Controler Contest


Controlers! You have the chance to win 2 Closed Alpha Keys for MaxControl!





Whats going on about MaxControl?

Whats going on about MaxControl?


Short announcement about the current situation of MaxControl and where you find a place for questions. Best, The MaxControl team

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