Journey into the gritty and not particularly pleasant world of Max Payne. This third person action game features a strong storyline and an altogether interesting antihero. Max Payne is a gritty journey to the present day New York City during the worst winter blizzard in a century. The thriller pulp story keeps the players guessing right on till the end. The game shoots from the lowest slum pits to the greatest skyscraper heights, leaving behind a trail of corpses, splatters of blood, and empty brass rolling on the floor.

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Max Payne 1 & 2 mod roundup!
Max Payne 3

Max Payne 1 & 2 mod roundup!

Max Payne 3 17 comments

Max Payne 3 has just blown into town like an old lover so why not reminisce about the old days by replaying the original two games.... Modified!

Newer screenshots
Max Payne

Newer screenshots

The Real World 7 comments

New screenshots for the mod that chooses to persist!

Release Details and New Videos
Max Payne

Release Details and New Videos

The Real World 22 comments

Breaking News! After 7 years development, Maddieman discusses release plans -- TRW is going to follow a 'staged delivery system' similar to DLC on consoles...

Polar Paradise Released!
Max Payne

Polar Paradise Released!

Polar Paradise 9 comments

Dinky, the bauble bustin' Polar Bear, is back to give Santa and his minions an arctic ass-kicking in this Christmas themed TC for Max Payne!

Introducing Polar Paradise - A Christmas themed mod coming soon!
Max Payne

Introducing Polar Paradise - A Christmas themed mod coming soon!

Polar Paradise 7 comments

Epic snowball fights, exploding turkeys, killer penguins, and a Robotic Santa - this Christmas mod has it all. Check out the new trailer and screens!

The Real World - New Screenshots!
Max Payne

The Real World - New Screenshots!

The Real World 5 comments

Over the last couple of months I've been regularly releasing screenshots from this upcoming Max Payne mod. This week (as promised) our gallery features...

Max Payne

Mod profiles gallery box updated

Sample Mod 17 comments

For those that haven't yet noticed, mod profiles now show up to 3 images from the mods image gallery. Why? Well gaming is generally all about the graphics...

Max Payne

Katana Mod Released

Katana 5 comments

The hugely anticipated Katana modification for Max Payne 1 has been released. You may have heard about this mod from recent issues of PC Gamer (both UK...

Mod Database Shortcuts
Max Payne

Mod Database Shortcuts

Sample Mod 8 comments

There are many features often unknown and overlooked in Mod Database v2 which I believe are incredibly handy, so I decided to post this news alerting...

Max Payne

Katana Site Update

Katana 3 comments

Sorry about the delay folks, Katana is nearly done -- just a few animations and last minute checks and I think we're there. We're looking at a week, maybe...

Max Payne

Lightsaber 4.0 is still available


I know it has been a long time since I've been by here, but well with school as well as the fact that Maxpayneheadquarters no longer exists has hampered...

Max Payne

Big Update

I Am In 4 comments

i have changed so many thinks from my first appearing here i have made a few new models and i'm finishing my first level; my estimation of the release...

Max Payne

More Useless Mod Database Features

Sample Mod 5 comments

Don't know a modifications ID but want to quickly locate / see if it is listed in the database? Well now you can thanks to a nifty new feature called...

Max Payne

Lightsaber delayed, but on it's way!

Lightsaber 2 comments

Lightsaber 4.0 should be ready before the 31st. You'll be able to download it at Thanks for the patience!

Max Payne

Mod Image Galleries Implemented!

Sample Mod 4 comments

Mod image galleries are the latest feature to be worked into the moddatabase. The basic idea behind the image galleries is to allow modifications to upload...

Max Payne

Release date pushed back


With the addition of new people helping on this mod, it was best to push the release date back a month or so to ensure that all of the coding will be...

Max Payne

New screens

M:I - New Dawn

Vacations are over so the hole team goes on with work. There are some new screens available at our site. hope you enjoy them. Also the "Ethan Hunt" skin...

aj- a milestone reached!!


Yesterday I reached a milestone in making AJ, I finished all the left over texturing & the whole structure ( I've improvised on the previos making), I've...

AJ Update

News 3 comments

So here I am for an update. After a long time, sorry 'bout that. I've put some new screenshots & some info. Go check it out!

AJ Max Payne Mod, update

News 13 comments

For all those Max Payne fans out there, my mod as can be seen from its profile has hit the 80% complete mark! For those thinking whats the deal with no...

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