Set in São Paulo, Brazil, where Payne is working in the private security sector for a wealthy local family, set eight years after the events of the second game.

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Imagine that you're about to have sex with the person of your dreams. Suddenly, as you enter them (or they, you), you are taken out of your body to watch you from afar have the time of your life. That is Max Payne 3. The cutscenes make each level not flow quite right. It feels broken up. You can't even explore a bit (at least not without something hurrying you along) like in the previous games. It's absurd. Worst part is that you cannot skip them. You can believe whatever you want, like that "loading" message is for real, but you must agree that they make it horrible to go through the game more than once. At that, rail shooter parts. Why make a game with such enjoyable controls to use, and waste time on rail shooter sections?! The elements of a game that deserves 10/10 are there, and you can see them when you play. It makes me want to think it's a good game, but all the problems get in the way far too much. Rockstar made the mistake of cramming a story down our throats, when Max Payne is all about killing people en masse (not to say a story isn't nice, but tell it in a less obstructive manner).

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Excellent game. The story and the characters are not nearly as tightly written as the previous two games, but for coming from a completely different developer, it is still an amazing experience. Easily the best third-person shooter I have ever played gameplay wise. Great gameplay, amazing visuals, it's all up to Rockstar's par of quality. Unfortunately, Max Payne fans generally do not like this game because of the difference in tone, and Rockstar fans generally do not like this because it's not…

Jun 23 2013 by DrDean