Plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take Earth back from a nearly unstoppable foe - and how you fight that war is entirely up to you.

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I hated the original ending and still wonder why the fixed ending still contains the crash landing of Normandy on some random-*** uninhabited planet just to takeoff and go on its merry way.

That said, I ******* love this game and I would easily include it among my favorite games of all time.

Firstly the game looks great for how much it taxes your hardware. When I first had a defective EVGA GTX680 GPU when putting a whole new PC together and I couldn't run most of my games, I could still run this without the card melting after two minutes. It's amazing what good lighting and environmental effects can do to make an otherwise unimpressive game look good.

The combat is improved, as it has continued to be. The weapon variety, given that you grab all the DLC as it is pretty cheap anyways, is extensive. Abilities are better fleshed-out with diverging trees that drove me mad trying to figure out effective combinations and expenditure of points.

The story is no less greater if not unquestionably superior to the previous game; mostly because its the climax and you spend no small amount of time in a large variety of massive battles. There are plenty of moments that nearly drew a tear, from me that's a rare and quite remarkable thing to pull-off. Most characters are interesting as is the plot along with my own accepted plot overriding the ******** god-child ending, which was considered as a possible canon ending before the game's release. (dark energy breaking the universe down, note to self: ME3EM) Though if anything I'm glad there wasn't a perfect happy ending, it wouldn't have been nearly as impactful as I spent the better part of an hour lying in my room after beating the game; depressed but in a good way.

And above all else, your relationships within the crew; Garrus, Joker, Grunt, Tali, and Miranda's *** was possibly the most subtle yet greatest part of the experience.

Tali <3

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A very very good game. The ending however, left me unsatisfied with many questions. Recommended to ANYONE who likes shooters/rpgs.

May 16 2012 by MorshuLoL