Marble Arena 2 is a family friendly, physics based, free 3D marble game, featuring vibrant HD graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, and an easy to use built-in editor for creating custom levels. The game features 50 mayhem filled levels, where players will test their skills on several types of surfaces, attempt to master a multitude of physics contraptions and go toe to toe, and sometimes toe to multiple toes, with A.I. controlled enemies bent on preventing players from achieving their goals.

GeorgeBT says

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When I first saw this game, I intended to close the page and never return, but then I noticed it was also free and said:"Meh, let's give it a try.". I opened the game thinking that I'll close and uninstall it after 5 minutes or so, but when I actually closed the game I went like: "Whooa!Where the last 5 hours go?".I had so much fun that I gave it a 10/10.


P.S. Sorry for my english.

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