Marble Arena 2 is a family friendly, physics based, free 3D marble game, featuring vibrant HD graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, and an easy to use built-in editor for creating custom levels. The game features 50 mayhem filled levels, where players will test their skills on several types of surfaces, attempt to master a multitude of physics contraptions and go toe to toe, and sometimes toe to multiple toes, with A.I. controlled enemies bent on preventing players from achieving their goals.

Soulin says

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The game itself is a great idea. Saying that this is an alternative to Marble Blast Ultra is an overstatement.. the sounds are stale, the music isn't pleasing to the ears, and all of the scenery is static. I will say that the levels in general are very creative and can keep you entertained. Also, the variety of power-ups give the game a bit of life to it.

I'd say give this game a try. It is free and that's something we all can enjoy.

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