NOTE: THIS IS NOT A HALO MOD, this is a Marathon mod, if you've never played it, here:


Marathon: INFESTED is set in the vast and deep world of Marathon (, the player is a cyberneticaly enhanced supersolder, a world destroyer, the last of 10 Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborgs to be created by the United Earth Space Council. When the destruction of a colony killed 9 of these cyborgs, one remained. This last cyborg saved the Star-ship "Marathon", repelled the Pfhor invasion, and pushed these alien creatures to the edges of the galaxy.

Marathon: Infested has no campaign, but will instead feature an challenging solo/coop mode called "Survival". In this game type, players will fight either solo or together to destroy waves of monsters. Play Survival on your favorite Marathon maps, including classics like Route 66 and Thunderdome, as well as all new maps made just for Survival.

Gametypes from the original Marathon games are also available, such as "King of the Hill", "Kill the Man with the Ball", and others! Play against bots, or against other players, LAN or online.

Operating Systems:
*Mac OS X 10.4+
*Windows XP/Vista+



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RSS Articles

To all ModDB users who have watched this game progress, many apologies for the lack of updates. I try my best to get news out to all the websites I use, but sometimes I miss one or two by accident. I hope this update makes up for the lost time...

I have made tremendous progress since my last update here. The engine I am using has improved considerably, and I now am using per-pixel lights, and multitexturing for my own lightmaps/AO bake. Currently shaders work, but are being integrated with lightmaps, so there are no shaders in use for these pictures.


* Imported all monsters into project.
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Fighter
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Trooper
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Cyborg
* Basic rigging for Juggernaut
* Basic AI for Cyborg/Fighter/Trooper/Drone
* New lightmaps/lighting FX for Thunderdome
* New lightmaps/lighting FX for Route 66
* Modeled/Textured Cyborg Grenade
* Created new projectiles for Fighter/Trooper/Cyborg
* New Normal/Specular maps for Sewage Set
* New Normal/Specular maps for Lava Set
* And more that I can't remember now...

**NOTE** I only post major updates, or updates with media on ModDB. If you wish to keep track of ALL progress, go to:

Marathon: Infested Update 2/9/09

Marathon: Infested Update 2/9/09

News 2 comments

More screenshots, more progress as Infested gets closer to public release.

Marathon: Infested Update 1/26/09

Marathon: Infested Update 1/26/09

News 5 comments

Lots of new screenshots and a good deal of progress. I have nearly every weapon in-game and functional, and a number of details have been improved, such...

Marathon Infested Report 12/15

Marathon Infested Report 12/15


Hello ModDB users! Today I bring you new screenshots of Marathon Infested. These are screenshots of a multiplayer game on the old classic, "Route 66...

Marathon: INFESTED History 101

Marathon: INFESTED History 101

News 1 comment

Some history behind Marathon: INFESTED, and some clarifications.

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Raiden1407 - - 27 comments


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gmanblack77 - - 1 comments

Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeease get a download link please i need to play!

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JCDenton2000 - - 267 comments

It looks nice, it's a shame it is dead.

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JohnFreemanFYEAH - - 6 comments

Now I am even more sad.

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RequiemLux - - 2,600 comments

too bad it's dead : (

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noobthenoob - - 110 comments

Looks great

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vus - - 14 comments

Your work so far is amazing. I am not sure about the engine.

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AlexanderSmith Creator
AlexanderSmith - - 18 comments

It's not the best in the world, but it's free, and stand-alone, and suits my needs. I'm not much of a scripter or programmer.

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vus - - 14 comments

I was comparing it to quake derivative engines(like darkplaces, qfusion, and ioquake3)which are multiplatform. But you are right those may require more work

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