Arcade cover shooter inspired by Time Crisis, Metal Slug and 80's action heros! He's got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you'll need every last one of 'em. So what are you waiting for, Major Mayhem? The future of the Free World -- and your love life -- hangs in the balance. Features: - 45 levels of non-stop action - Battle your way past hordes of enemies in three picturesque environments: Tropics, Metropolis and Desert - 100 Achievements to earn and collect! - 150 Mission objectives (mini achievements). For extended gameplay. - 20 different weapons to unleash hell with! - Heaps of costumes and hats for the Major.

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I hate cartoony games, so why do I want to play this? (Games : Major Mayhem : Forum : General Discussion : I hate cartoony games, so why do I want to play this?) Locked
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Mar 2 2013 Anchor

I despise cartoony, colourful games. Especially the shooters. No matter how fun people tell me it is to play games like Saints Row 3, or Team Fortress 2, I avoid them for the sole reason that they are cartoony and use bright, wild colour palettes. Maybe its okay in Angry Birds, but I grew up with games like Quake and Unreal where the only bright colours were in the projectiles, and maybe the green lava goo :)

Cartoonish models remove all the immersion. Sure, its not exactly realistic to have a laser ray gun, but at least, in some deep part of my imagination, I can pretend I'm really there if I BELIEVE that they would have made this world out of stone and metal, not purple and yellow cel-shaded walls. The wild colours, on the other hand, are just annoying to look at. It has been said many times that an advertisement with a single black word or phrase on a white background will draw more attention from the human eye than one that is lavishly designed and complicated. I feel the same way about video games; that rocket launcher has so much more effect when the rocket and the explosion are the only orange/yellow things in the room.

So why does this game look so incredibly awesome? I just watched the video, and it tore my two worlds in half. I shouldn't want to play this game, but I do! WHYYYYY?!?!

RocketJump Rocket Jump Developer
May 9 2013 Anchor

Hahaha, Thanks for the compliment (I think). The reason is that colour is not what you are having issues with. What I think you are experiencing is a disconnect between what the game is and what the game presents itself as. For example Team Fortress as cartoony as it looks is a very hardcore game at its heart.

Major Mayhem on the other hand is a very silly and satirical game so cartoon graphics mesh well with the theme of the game. We work very hard to make things look and feel connected. Immersion is achieved when everything fits together like a well made puzzle and there are no obvious elephants in the room, except for those levels where there are elephants...


Rocket Jump Developer.

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