Design your own character to attend a magical school. Learn spells, brave the dungeons, and try to get a date for the May Day ball.

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Was a real big fan of this game... it had some really varied story paths and some great gimmicks. I found many of the characters engaging and had a lot of fun exploring different paths.

This Visual Novel nails something that most flounder at... interactivity, it makes it so much more engaging and immersive to make it feel like a *game*. Not that i always mind an engaging and long winded visual novel, but it definitely does something to include constant interactivity and throw in various minor choices (such as what classes to take in a week) alongside the story path decisions. This is worth checking out for any fan of visual novels, even if the story in some paths isn't as engaging as in others, that itself is it's own backhanded testament to the variation present.


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