Mactabilis is a high definition shooter with rpg elements. Customize your ship, select from a large array of weapons or even create your own! Follow the engaging storyline that carries you through beautiful, multi-level, adrenaline filled missions.

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I liked the demo but after trying the full version I have to say it need a lot of polish.

A futuristic space top-down shump that uses a foreground and background machanic to avoid enemy fire.
Runs well on medium-low PCs.
Unique foreground/background evasion techinique.
Decent storyline.
Explosion sounds are beefy.
Controls take a little getting used to.
Gamepad controls are slow to respond. Mouse control seems to work best.
Graphics are a little bland.

As with most shumps, there are a lot of things going on. Bullets, enemies, obstacles can become overwhelming.


Really awesome shoot em up , probably the best game out of the indie pack I bought for 5$

love the customization the making your weapons i love and storyline! i give it a 10/10

Really cool game, I like how you can make weapons, and the ability to change depth is pretty original and awesome.


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