Love Sniper is a free comedy BxG Visual Novel which is developed by B Dash Suisen and translated/localized by roseVeRte. The main character, Heiji, is a boy who tried to confess his love using a love letter. Too bad, the girl Ageha doesn't seem to be happy even after she got it. Heiji became upset, and suddenly a cupid named Picchu came to him and offered him help to make his love come true. What will happen to Heiji's love then?

gledson.a12 says

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The dialogs just amaze me with such a simple, and yet great, jokes about the situation. The characters are just lovely, reminding any great anime that comes to mind (shoujo, exactly).

It was a short playthrough, indeed, but... It was worth It.

If you are looking for this kind of game, that one It will be a perfect one for you.

P.S.: Try to get ALL the endings. Thank me later. ;)

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