After a cataclysmic event known as the "Great Decline" the Elder God king Giaas came to power and waged war against the city of Abasta. However he was eventually destroyed by the old Hychusian king Castius. However the battle left Castius in a near death state. Giaas's wife Verra sensing a vulnerability in Abasta's defense began to Attack. Castius in his death bed fearing that all hope would be lost prayed to the God Shiish for deliverance. You are that deliverance.

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Unity3D Conversion


So I have decided to move development of Lost Tales over to the Unity Engine. Expect Download files to be smaller, and graphics to become more sophisticated.

I may try to make the rework the game and make it in 3D...this is not confirmed.

also the base features of the game
*14 different levels
*A vast amount of weapons
*Added Armor

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