Fight against increasingly difficult waves of Progeny attackers. Experience a variety of unique weaponry, upgrades and combinations that will result in a different gaming experience each time you play. Do you have what it takes to survive the relentless wrath of the Progeny? Discover, upgrade, unlock, activate and .... survive. Key Features: Free updates and downloadable content. Achievements and ingame rewards. Extremely optimised performance. Dozens of unique weaponry and upgrades from exploding shotguns to disintegrating lasers. Unique variety of enemy Progeny Ai, suicide bombers to electrocuting giants. Unlockable areas, weapons, levels and equipment. Custom soundtracks - composition by Jerel Northern. Hidden in-game easter eggs. Local high-score leaderboards. Five individual difficulty settings.

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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Just some random ideas for the game. Only played around with Southfrost at the moment though.

1. Sound Option Ideas
A kinda minor thing but something which would definetly help. Some sliders for effects and music to mess about with. On another note though (for a friend of mine), could there be somehow a way for players to notice the bomb-units in other ways than sound? (for deaf players).
Other sound idea being a Soundtest option.

2. Turrets
Only played through the first level (Southfrost) and the Turret isnt really any help what-so-ever as it breaks far too easily and (dunno if this is supposed to be the case or not) kills made using the turret, doesnt earn through any credits. Something that would be easier would be options to upgrade it maybe along with the character? Fit it with different ammo types (refilling those ammo types when needed)

3. Multiplayer
Of course XD Online and/or LAN play and/or splitscreen play would be brilliant.

4. Upgrades
Radar upgrade? (Probably expensive one XD)

5. Randoms
Small bugs, several door sides, the collison detection is a bit out (shooting from around the corner, hitting thin air occasionally in the open door space. The Southfrost level, its possible to clamber up near the tall fallen pillar but be floating mid-air, most enemies being unable to reach me (this has to be done before unlocking all the doors - opening all doors means you just climb up to the balcony there)

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