A technical demonstration of realistic liquid simulation for Minecraft, Liquid Cubed is a WIP project where you can build dams, pump water, drain lakes, and otherwise experiment with the liquid system within the building area. ------- The algorithm used for the liquid simulation was developed over two years by in a modified version of Infiniminer. After Minecraft's wild success, we thought it was about time we built a standalone "proof-of-concept" in the hope that the algorithm could be integrated within Minecraft, but unfortunately more work will have to be done before this can become a reality.

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Mar 24 2011 Anchor

Since you are discontinueing this game, have you thought about releaseing the sourcecode? Because with the sourcecode, a coder could recreate the liquid dynamics in Minecraft, and then that could lead to eventual integration even though you have discontinued the game.

Apr 8 2011 Anchor

I second this.

Don't let our dreams die :'(

Apr 21 2011 Anchor

I agree. Turn this into a real simulator atleast.
The minecraft physics can't compare with this game's

Apr 24 2011 Anchor

Well duartel, they pretty much have abandonded this, so that wont happen. Im just asking for source code so that someone who plays Minecraft could recreate this.

Apr 25 2011 Anchor

I'd love to implement this code into 2DCraft. It's a shame to see such great physics go to waste.

[ZanMgt]Aaron Creative Director
Apr 25 2011 Anchor

Hardly abandoned guys, it'll be fully utilized (and then some) in Blockade Runner.

Apr 26 2011 Anchor

I don't suppose I could implement a 2D version of your algorithm into 2DCraft, could I?
I understand that it's your hard work, but I would be willing to place a link to your site on the splash screen and on the website itself.
Of course, the binaries that I release afterwards will be obfuscated.

Pretty please? These physics are absolutely awesome. If you're curious on my engine, I have room to recode and change, so that's not an issue.

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Apr 29 2011 Anchor

You could always pass a copy onto Notch (as well as using it in your next game) in the hope that he looks at it some time in the future, or one of his other coders, even though its not ideal in its current state.

Apr 29 2011 Anchor

Notch said that there would be far too much code to rewrite; I doubt he would ever look at it again, simply for that reason.

[ZanMgt]Aaron Creative Director
May 1 2011 Anchor

This guy got a finite water solution working inside Minecraft itself. Depending on how it was set up, Markus might be interested in the implementation.

May 1 2011 Anchor

Could you take a look at the email I sent you please?

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