Mugalo, "Earth" dweller. You have stumbled into a simulated galaxy and gained control of an alien desperate to reach planet Lilith. Can you lead this being across the cosmos? Be warned: you will traverse a digital reality teeming with life and otherworldly civilizations determined to keep “Users” like you out of their simulation. Navigate open-world space threats, vibe with quirky cultures, and fight to stay alive on the harrowing journey to a new home.

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Scoring NOT Boring

Holy florp, look at that — you just got 34 points for discovering this post! Nice! So, here’s the gist: we’re keeping a somewhat-sophisticated point system in our open-world galaxy simulator. More and more, today’s games feature seemingly endless “missions” and “achievements.” We miss a sense of feeling done: a final score. Don’t get us wrong, we’re gonna have all those story-line and progress elements, but your choices, discoveries, and accomplishments will have point-based consequences and they’ll all be tallied. Did you wipe out the creatures on the planet B’Munji? Yeah, that’s uhh… not great (-3,254 points). Did you heal your crew members after combat? Good work (+500 points)!

So What do you get from strong final scores? You climb a leader board and gain titles, similar to the Civilization series, and earn the right to show off how skillfully (or awfully) you played this particular game.

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Curiosity Rewarded

We remember how awesome it felt to discover something and gain a little more than an achievement notification. You get points. And those points impact game strategy and build to something bigger. We recently finished including discovery elements into the game. You walk up to an alien creature or plant for the first time, and the simulation notifies and informs you of your discovery. Basically, you get context to that oddball animal you just saw.

What’s the point? Well, two things: 1) strategy matters and 2) we’re building a galaxy lush with alien life. In order to help players understand how to rock this game, we think it’s important to let them know how to survive, fight, and leverage all that the simulation offers. Discoveries help with approach. Of course, anyone can play and ignore scoring and enjoy the open world freedom of a galaxy. But if you want to be the top voyage leader, then curiosity and learning counts. Knowing the world means knowing how to rule it.

[+23 points – you made it past blocks of words!]

Prototype leader board (alien races have done well with this simulation!):


Simulated Creature AI

Simulated Creature AI


Is it ethical to code fear of god into a simulated being? Nobody knows, so we made some tuna salad sandwiches and just did it.

Smacking Things for Stuff (Harvesting)

Smacking Things for Stuff (Harvesting)


We’re not re-inventing the wheel with harvesting. It’s your familiar progressions of approaching an object, seeing if the harvest option appears...

Granola Bars, Bleeding

Granola Bars, Bleeding


*Psst* Over here. No, here, in the Fizzberry shrub. Ah, there you are. Chay ho.

Lasers, Combat, and a Cowboy Hat

Lasers, Combat, and a Cowboy Hat


Chay ho, lilith-heads. What a momentous day, for we may now glimpse into shooting and destroying — which challenges us with some existential questions.

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The Majestic Glondosus

The Majestic Glondosus

Animal Model

The majestic glondosus walks very majestically across planet surfaces.

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Our planet... she is growing, learning, adapting. I suppose this one will carry #life. But of what sort?…

Feb 24 2017

A planet is born. Look at all the undevelopment features. How cute. What should we call our first planet?

Feb 22 2017

Holy cow. That's not a cow. That's a spaceship baby! #gamedev #unity3d #wooooooooooooooooooo!

Feb 20 2017

She's beautiful. Grown up. With regions and everything *wipes away a tear*. #gamedev # planet #gameart

Feb 18 2017

Ok, we've got a prototype UI coming together. Radar, Navigation Ball, Gauges. #ui #ai #gamedev

Feb 18 2017

Add even more gauges to your gauges to gauge everything gauge-able. #gamedev #warp #spacetravel

Feb 16 2017

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