A unique blend of puzzle games and Pac-Man. "Life on a tiny earth, the symbolic ages" is a retro arcade puzzle game where you have to avoid opponents in a spherical labyrinthic world, to save species at the edge of existence. 1.0 can be seen as the alpha version and can be purchased "as is" with no support, to get feedbacks and to contribute to the development of the next version(s). The 2.0, closer to a beta version, is under development (game.dominiquedc.com). The game’s world is a symbolic representation of earth where the player has to rescue all the species members to win. This game offers dozens of level and many kinds of opponents, with both manually designed and randomly generated levels plus different game modes to renew your gaming experience. This game is available on PC and for those who have a MAC or a Linux, the engine version used, Unity 4.0, can work on these two platforms, depending, especially for Linux, on software versions and hardware. So please try the co

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This is not bad. Cool idea (and a relevant update to Pacman-type games). However, I don't feel that it adds enough new or unique gameplay to really make it stand out.
Also, I'm a fairly casual gamer and I couldn't make it past the demo (but that could all be up to skill and nothing to do with the game itself ;) )


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