You awaken in a strange place. A giant floating head has brought you here and commands you to get a legendary "blade thingy". As soon as you touch the sword you realize that you are able to travel back in time to help your past self to solve the strange puzzles lying ahead in a watery dungeon.

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Legend of the Time Sword Episode 1 was made as an entry for and it won first place.

Now it is ready to be downloaded and played. The game itself is a zelda/terranigma esque Action Adventure with an emphasis on puzzle solving.

The special part about this is the fact that you can't hurt anyone with your sword but instead can travel through time. In order to solve the more complex puzzles you need to travel back and help your past self out where one person is not enough.

The game is completely free and was made using the RPG Maker VX Ace.

Legend of the Time Sword - Episode 1

Feel free to leave feedback to make Episode 2 happen if you enjoyed Episode 1.

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Legend of the Time Sword - Episode 1

Legend of the Time Sword - Episode 1

Full Version

A Zelda/Terranigma esque Action Advenure with an emphasis on puzzle solving by traveling back in time to help out your past self. First Place-Winner of...


Nicely done. Puzzles are a bit on the easy side but I'm hoping for Episode 2

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Siactro Creator

Thank you. I will definitely continue work on the game. As of now i am planning the overall story and design and think about ways to improve the overall game.

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