Lawnfax is a open world survival game The game takes place one year after Bataan has gone through a massive disaster known simply as "Blackened" which included mysterious toxics that occupied the sky causing total darkness in the world. New lifeforms began appearing that spread throughout the Bataan. Find way to escape the island by exploring while maintaning your hungerbar and avoiding alien creatures. Discover interesting creatures and places. Find what is the real cause of plague.

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JX6 says

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Played it for a while, and I'll have to say that the consept is interesting. Game is laggy (but that could be because I tested it with my Acer Aspire One D270-laptop XD) and graphics... players sprite should be completely redone, cause there is lot of animation bugs. Also, the monsters aren't very scary. they should also get new sprites. Shotgun has too much ammo, so game is too easy. Also I didn't found any lights! Don't know why, maybe I'm just so stupid... But don't give up with this game! I hope that someday I can write this review again and give it 1... I mean 10!


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