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Welcome to Last Genesis, the Beta is open for purchase at a price of $9.99. With our game Last Genesis we feel that it is ready for public use. Currently the game is only Singleplayer, but we plan to update the game every 2 weeks with bug fixes and more content. We will be releasing a co-op feature next month and multiplayer feature at the end of the year. We will have to be careful on how we add new content and fix bugs as we don't want to corrupted data or create more bugs that make the game unplayable. We will be testing our fixes daily until release time for our update patch. If we come across a major bug that needs to be fixed immediately then we may release a patch out of our schedule time table. We plan to release our first update to our game 2 weeks after launch; launch date is on the 6th of May 2013

The Content and expansion packs we have planned are going to be very exciting and fun to play. You will find details here or on our homepage when we work out details on the content.

We have been working hard to get to where we are now and we hope you will follow us on this journey and support us. With the support from you we can keep putting out new updates often with new content. Most of the extra content we put in will be free and only expansion packs (DLC) will require purchasing but we haven't yet discussed on what kind of expansion packs to release
Our levelling tree (Skill tree) is maxed out to 7 levels once reached level 7 you can decide to go to multiplayer world or continue playing single player. We are still working on our multiplayer features so please be cooperative when we test it out. We may even make a multiplayer demo so you can test it out and send us your feedback.
Our game is a post-apocalyptic, where the earth has been destroyed for around 1,000 years and you play as Adam/Eve and survive the horrors that await you. This isn't a zombie post-apocalyptic game it's about the start of a new world, but from a world that was once living but had seized to exist. This is a game that tests your survival instincts and challenges you to make the right decisions when it comes to scavenging for supplies or where to build a shelter. There is very limited supplies that can be scavenged and you have to be wise on what and how you scavenge. We aim our game to be cooperative and give that effect of working together as a team to fight whatever lies in the hostile environment.

All the money that we make from this game will be put into the game to bring more content and better servers for multiplayer when released so you can play with your friends with a good connection and enjoy playing Last Genesis while battling the horrors that lie awaiting for you.
The back story of Last Genesis is based on our book, the book is called Last Genesis and our game is based on the book. Every 2 weeks we will release a part of the book for you to understand the story and what the book/game is all about. You can only read the book from our website, the book is not purchasable. We hope to see you in our game.

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Fear Patch


Fear Patch is released!

The patch is ready!
You have 2 options:
1. Wait until the patch is uploaded (which might take up to 4 hours)
2. Download the installer of the game now from this link

When you will play, you will see in the bottom-right corner of the game window "Developement build". This means that you will help us track bugs even better, every exception the game will encounter will be shown inside a window. We will appriciate if you will send us a report about what it said, when it happend and what it does (like not allowing you to shoot arrows anymore for instance..).
Enjoy the new patch!

We have improved and added new content to the game, we hope you have fun and enjoy what lies awaiting for you.
We have much more lined up for you so check back with us on more updates and much more.

Patch Content:
Special Effects (FX)
Scary Music
Camera Bug Fix
Sound Effects Fix On Jungle
In Game Music
Explosive Rabbits
Chicken Feathers
New Patcher
Undead attack
Good and Evil quot

Evil Eye
Day/Night Fixed and Improved

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Whats New?

Whats New?

News 1 comment

New Patch 9/5/2013 Bugs that have been fixed: Camera Collision check (The camera will not go through stuff) Save ID toggle (Option to save the ID in the...


Well,, They went broke! Poorly executed. Few updates. Reminds me of another game,, which will soon be extinct, I will mention no names..

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Turns out game was a scam, sorry to all those whom donated

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Great concept guys, looking very very interesting. Want to play, tracking.

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on a serious note...does it have co-op?

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LastGenesisGame Creator

There is no co-op at the moment but it will be coming soon.

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thank you

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I m throwing money at the screen right now...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Take my money!!

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Jun 17 2013

We started our Kick starter. please visit website link Lastgenesis.com

Jun 8 2013

Our website is ready, you can register now. Our game will be released on the 6th May at a price of $9.99. website at Lastgenesis.com

May 3 2013