A horrific plague breaks out and mobs of zombies are roaming throughout the tri-state area, killing people at random. You play Jack, a simple farmer who must rise beyond fear, and battle your way through hordes of terrifying undead who are bent on spreading the zombie plague. You encounter a mysterious man named Mr. Kaufman who has established Fiddler's Green, a fortified city, which holds the last of the living. He has offered you a special job, with an exceptional reward. An offer too good to turn down, but will you live long enough to reap the rewards? Based on the George A. Romero film, Land of the Dead, this intense 3D zombie experience will grip and terrify you like none other.

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The original Land of the Dead game did not do anything with the "Screenshot", or other properties available in the normal LevelInfo/Level Summary fields. BladeIN v1.1 (as well as Dead Awake) will make use of these fields, and here's how to

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The original Land of the Dead game did not do anything useful with several fields in the "LevelInfo" and "LevelSummary" rollouts of the "Level Properties" box that is pretty much standard to all Unreal based games.

BladeIN v1.1 (as well as it's DM and CTF derivatives, and the forthcoming Dead Awake conversion) will make use of most of the LevelSummary fields, as well as the Screenshot field in LevelInfo. The following is a tutorial as posted originally on UndeadGames as to how to use it.

BladeIN 1.1 (as well as it's associated DM and CTF games, and presumably Dead Awake) will support Level Screenshots when changing levels in multiplayer. Also, the "Loading..." title will be replaced with the Level Title and Level Author fields from the LevelSummary object in a map designers Level Properties.

To setup the LevelSummary info (Title/Author):

In UnrealEd, click "View", and select "Level Properties" from the drop down menu.
Click the "+" Next to "LevelSummary".
Enter information for the Title and Author.
(IdealPlayerCount and LevelEnterText are not currently used in BladeIN, however will be used in Dead Awake, so you may want to fill them in as well for future expansion)

To setup a Screenshot to display when changing to this level:

Take a screenshot of your level, in whatever fashion you choose (prt-screen + paste into paint or photoshop, or using the 'shot' command/f9 key in game, whatever).
Make sure it is sized to a proper texture import size (a power of 2, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048). 512x512 seems to look ok without totally destroying the quality of the shot when blown up to full screen sizes. 1024x1024 if you really want high quality, and don't mind adding about a megabyte of size to your map file.. I would avoid using 2048 or anything less than 256.

Import the texture into your level (I presume you know how to do this, since you are using the level editor, if not, there are other tutorials for that), using the Package name "MyLevel", and the Texture name "Screenshot". Make sure the Group name is blank. Important: If you do NOT name it exactly "Screenshot", this function will not work.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP, to make sure that the editor doesn't just throw out your new texture when you save it, because you haven't used it anywhere, you do need to use it somewhere. Fortunatly, Epic or Digital Extremes or Brainbox, or someone provided us with an easy method to do that without plastering it on some invisible object.

Open the Level Properties (see above under the LevelSummary section), and roll out the "LevelInfo" section. Towards the bottom of that section is "Screenshot". Enter "Screenshot" into this box, or "myLevel.Screenshot", or just pick your screenshot from the texture browser, then click the Use button here.

That's it!

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