The evil Dr. Odious has you trapped high in his lair. He's also not very fond of you. Make your escape by battling through hundreds of monsters, collecting over 25 weapons and leveling up as you go. Procedurally generated levels will keep you on your toes in this action RPG shooter! Features: - 20 levels procedurally generated by pure evil, ensuring unique experiences every playthrough - Over 30 types of enemies, also generated by evil - 25 weapons, with dozens of variations - Weapon affix system to keep you hunting for the best loot - Stat-based leveling system, so you can escape the lair the way you want to

Arstemis says

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Very fun game, has a good amount of replayability and a good amount of weapons!

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While it is nothing super innovatie it is a fun game. However with all the other options available I would have liked to have seen this done up in something that did not remind me of the fistful of no name Flash games I have already played in my browser.

I do like the RPG elements and the campyness of the story. I can sit and play a level or two of this as a break from a more in-depth game that I have become frustrated with.

Mar 17 2012 by thekindred