Kuro Oni Kuro Oni is a 3d horror puzzle game made as a tribute to the game Ao Oni. Kuro Oni is a sequal to the game demo Ao Oni 3D. Ao Oni 3D hit 20.000 downloads within the first month of release. It's free and available on idcgames.blogspot.com Story: There is an old abandoned mansion near your town and people say that it's haunted. As an scientist you set out to explore the mansion to prove that there are no such things as monsters. But you were wrong. There is indeed something inside the mansion which is set out to kill each and everyone who enters it's home. You will need to solve puzzles and mysteries to escape your nearly certain death. Estimated Time of Release: 30 or 31 December 2012 It's FREE! Follow the development progress here: www.idcgames.blogspot.com

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This game is scary and awesome! PS: play in dark and use headphones ;)

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