Kivanok's Adventure is a platformer currently in development.
The main character Kivanok loves Candy.
He collects it at home and he even dreams about it, but one night when he fell asleep, a thief stole all his candy.
Help Kivanok to get it back and lead him through a fantasy world divided into different themed chapters to find the thief and get back his candy.
Find a way through the different levels and defeat the enemies standing in his way. [which are hopefully added in the next update :P]
If you want to help him of course ;) otherwise just enjoy jumping down from all the different platforms to enter the gameover screen ^^.
Right now the game development is still in early stages and this game was added to receive some feedback from the community.
If you want to report missing features just do so, we will try to add them to the next update.

The game right now has 2 Chapters,
a Prologue in a dream world made out of candy to explain the controls.
and a winter world including a short first person level around the main characters home.

Any type of feedback to the project is appreciated !

Our current development focuses on the game mechanics like the physics and the graphics, creating enemies and so on.

The current features include:
-8 different maps divided into chapters
-Chapter 1 : Candy Dreams
4 Levels in a Candy universe
-Chapter 2 : Winter Hills
3 Levels in a Winter environment
-1 first person level as Kivanoks Home

-an animated main character (surprise ;) )
-Start menu with level selection and pause menu with settings,the last update replaced the menus ,the most of them now look better like you will hopefully be able to see in the screenshots, the last menus will finally be replaced in the next update.

-a shop system to buy hats as accessories

The storyline is still a WIP.

But, what exactly are we working on?
Right now we are focusing on everything that influences the gameplay like: physics,textures,animations,fighting-systems, movement,lighting and many other things like that.

Our aim is to make the game look more professional and get it out of its Alpha style to get up to the next stage and be able to create the storyline and the new chapters.

Work done for next update:

green -> done
yellow -> WIP
red -> not done yet

-overwork the games style, edit the materials and 3d models
-fixing physic problems and other bugs
-overwork Kivanoks animations
-create a first fully animated enemy
-add a new chapter

-add a simple weather system to every level
-fix lags in some levels overloaded with too detailed 3d models
-replace all old standard GUI menus with new ones
-fix problems in the Save System
-readd Kivanoks hat attack, press 'R' to throw his hat
-add new animations for the normal jump so kivanoks doesnt just
jump straight up every single time.

Please give us information about what you would expect us to change about the graphics or the physics and controls.

Right now there is no download link available after problems with the FTP provider which destroyed the current builds download.
Please be patient till the next update.

If you want to contact us you can do so at

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This project clearly had too many breaks but we are finally able to continue it.
The work we do is still focused on the games mechanics.
We are working on the physics , the 3d models, the animations, the graphics , the look of the levels
and so on.
But we are finally making progress.

We fixed the annoying bug that caused the character to crash down from the platforms edges with more than the double value of gravity, and we edited the characters animations.
We added a jump animation for the normal jump to avoid the character from jumping straight up every time just like he is not able to move a single bone.
He will turn around 360° on a randomly generated selection of normal jumps.
We also edited the normal walk animation so it is clearer to see out of the movement.

We added a specular material to the main character to make him look less like plastic.

We changed the lighting effects in the levels aswell as some of the weather particles ,
the level "kivanok's home" was changed to a big forest instead of the wide grass landscape from earlier, and we added a path to make it easier to follow the candy.

We finally replaced all the menus that were left and changed the font.

And we added a background landscape to one of the candy maps and added platforms to make it longer.

The chapter selection is finally working too.

Hopefully the update is ready to upload soon.

Done with Alpha version 5.1

Done with Alpha version 5.1


We are done with the planned update. Right now we are testing it for bugs.

Work on the game continues

Work on the game continues


Due to some problems i was not able to work on the game for sometimes. The problems with my PC are now fixed and i can continue the work on the Game.

Our progress: shop system,new maps, bugfixing

Our progress: shop system,new maps, bugfixing


Information about our progress for the next update, including: shop system, inventory system, new levels and bugfixes.

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