Killing Stream

Killing Stream is a feature-length, interactive thriller with horror elements, in which fate of the main character depends entirely on the viewer. It tells the story from a first-person perspective to intensify the immersion and put audience in the main character’s shoes.

Try to survive… Killing Stream.

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Behind fear


Hey, slasher lovers!

Today we want to take you behind the scenes and give you a better view on how we’re developing our game. As the work on the set is not only a hard job but it’s also fun, we’re hoping that more photos and less text will let you feel those vibes.

BTW. Before we move forward, please watch the Killing Stream announcement trailer, so you get an idea of what our game is and what we are up to. Enjoy!

Szombierki Heat and Power Station is a creepy, yet fascinating abandoned place. Read more about it here.

Just imagine waking up in an old power plant, with wires attached to your body. Sounds scary? It surely is!

It's critical to make sure that all tools are razor sharp. We don't want our victims to suffer too much.

If the tools are not sharp enough, we use artificial blood.

Makeup is one of the most important things on set. We need to make sure that all wounds and blood look real!

There's always one guy who has the whole scene in his head. The trick is to convey this picture to the rest of the crew.

One of the hardest things was finding the bodies. To be honest, it was harder to find people who will move those bodies from one place to another:)

If you're already familiar with our game, you know that the main character is using his parkour skills to run for his life. This may look easy, but remember that one wrong move can cost injury.

Now you know how to make POV (point of view) shots! BTW. The guy in white shirt who plays the main role in Killing Stream is a fascinating man - you can read his story here.

Thanks for taking your time! We hope that you enjoyed this short trip behind the scenes of Killing Stream. Care for more? Follow us on IndieDB, Steam and social media!

Take off with PARKOUR!

Take off with PARKOUR!


There's gonna be a lot of running and jumping in Killing Stream 🏃 Learn more about parkour, which is a big part of our game!

His life depends on your choices

His life depends on your choices


Today we wanted to tell you a bit about our main actor - Patryk “Sonny” Raszkowski, who’s been practicing parkour for most of his life.

A brief history of Szombierki Heat and Power Station

A brief history of Szombierki Heat and Power Station


Today we wanted to give you a little background on the place which you’ll get to explore in Killing Stream.

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