A cooperative survival horror experience set in a variety of nightmarish and surreal settings. Band together with your team-mates to defeat increasingly overwhelming hordes of freakish enemies and eventually - a horrifying boss.

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As far as cooperative horde-mode games go, this game is the apex of the FPS food chain. There's plenty of room for this game to improve balance-wise. However, over the years since the release of the game, a lot of content has been added to the game that made the experience even more richer.

As of the time of writing, the game has 61 guns to play with across 7 perk classes, 26 maps included where you can blast 10 different types of mindless mutants, each with their distinct characteristics. There are at least 5 difficulty levels to play on, Beginners for people who never played a shooter before, Normal for the greenhorns, Hard for the veterans, Suicidal for masters, and Hell on Earth for masochists.

If that is not enough to tantalize you, there is a massive library of at least 100 extra creative maps from the modding community that can be readily downloaded from servers that run them, and plenty of mods that add extra monster types, perk classes and weapons. Go get it, now!

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this is definately, BY FAR, one of the best games i have EVER played...
Freaking HUGE arsenal (over 20 weapons)
Different enemies (10 to be specific)
Zed time (slow mo)
Different diffuculties: begginner, normal, hard, sucidal and hell on earth
Seven different perks to choose from: field medic, support specialist, sharpshooter, commando, berserker, firebug and demolitions


Jan 13 2010 by bluluxabica