KEL Reaper of Entropy is an an unconventional adventure game for PC and Mac. What we can tell you for sure about the game is that it will make you laugh your socks off with its twisted humor and unusual gameplay.

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r_cato says

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Playing KEL has been an experience I can just express as pure joy.

The world is built with a big focus on great little details and manages to catch the player within a second.
The real highlight clearly are the dialogues. I guarantee you will be laughing right from the beginning of your first game. Kel's comments show how badass this skeleton is.

The overhaul game is meant to be a kind of sandbox playing experience. It's non-linear. You can do whatever you want to, but you always have to face some kind of consequences.
However there are of course some goals you have to achieve if you want to finnish the game, but it's up to you, which one you think are worth spending your time and how you achieve them.

I can't deny some things I would like to have some improvements on though, like dubbing of all the dialogues and some additional features like some kind of home for Kel himself. But overhaul it in my opinion deserves a 10 out of 10 rating, because of it's unique game concept, well written dialogues and as support for an aspiring game developer, who truely has to create another game featuring Kel, just because of all which you already should have read by now.


pkyrkos7 says

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Unique idea without doubt !


Flaxshok says

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This game looks very good, has some interesting gameplay with ironic hints at how everything nowadays is. Playing this is like watching a comedy stand up, I had a good laugh while my brain was put to work to solve or achieve the final goal.
All in all a very good indie game, but I would have liked to see more content. But hey, that's human nature, we always want more haha!


k21n says

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