Create the most amazing dinosaur theme park the world has ever seen, or battle your way through 12 intense missions that will truly test your skills against the awesome powers of nature and its most dominant creatures in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

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a good fun game to spend hours on and then sadden when you come off and relise their is no real jurassic park in the world


Chariwade says

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A pretty good game, it has everything that i wanted on a jurassic park game. Missions, SiteB, and of course, Operation Genesis.

jpog was always one of my favorite games i can never say anything bad about it


gomez2091 says

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it's dinosaurs, how to now like them? lol



KoDan1 says

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Jusrassic park simulator. Enough said.

Aged very well, small but active community, and still fun after all these years

One of the best park builders ever.

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