Game about getting oil to sell and being able to then buy stuff like a car that can be driven on the race track and also can be upgraded to be faster... There is also a page where you can gamble in-game money... This is also currently being updated regularly that contains new features content and improvement but also the odd bug.

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Game link:

Game description:

In this app you will be able to gather oil to then be able to sell and be able to buy stuff in the store like a car that you can drive on the track and also upgrade with the money you make..... Also you can gamble your earnings to win even more...

Stuff to be added:
- Gold mine
- Mini-games
- more upgrades
- House that you can buy and upgrade
- More as development continues

Version 0.7:
- Added music
- Added Trumps wall
- Fine tuned mobile version
- A shop has now been added

Version 0.8:
- Brand new car garage that allows you to upgrade and improve the stats
- Brand new race track built for you to drive your upgraded car
- Upgrade visuals when upgrading oil
- Old saves will now load as soon as the game loads to prevent save loss
- Font size changed
- The height of Trumps wall now saves
- Fixed money from being cut off until much higher values
- New game button added
- Old Home page removed and now is just a placeholder
- Info on how to play has now been added

Version 0.8.5:
- Text turns green when you can afford that item
- Earn cash based on time driving
- Upgrade cash multiplier
- Made falling hammers smaller and added a spanner to the animation
- Turn speed option for car
- Changed text colours
- Major improvement on race track 1
- Collision mesh fixed on track 1
- Lowered car acceleration and improved max speed
- Fixed oil value text
- Bottom left text was missing a word on some devices has now been fixed
- Money rounds up on garage page
- App icon fixed
- Drift control slider added
- Some minor improvements




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