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IsoBoom is a logic puzzle game where your main objective is to help a small robot named SE01 return to his home. He has been banished from his land due to theft. SE01 tried to steal sweets from ISO Factory and got caught red handed. A guard banished him to a maze of puzzles and promised that, if he will find a way out, his sins will be forgiven.


You will face various puzzles which you will need to approach differently starting from just placing bombs up to timed bomb throws or kicks which will also need to be performed in a particular order. On top of it the world consists of various mechanisms such as doors, gates, bomb throwers, rotating tiles etc. so all of that together creates unique and tricky puzzles to solve.


  • 25 mind-boggling levels with various contraptions
  • Fully functional map editor (with Steam Workshop support)
  • Secret collectibles
  • Built-in speedrun timer
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam badges and trading cards (after IsoBoom will qualify for it)

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IsoBoom has been released on the Steam Store and is now available for purchase !


Thank you to everyone who supported the game and also to everyone who helped during the Greenlight stage !


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