Island Hopping is a 3d retro-arcade style platformer originally developed by one of our team members for the Ludum Dare 48-hour competition. The objective is simple: don't hit the water. The player will attempt to navigate through an ever faster path of island that vary in size, shape, and point value. When they inevitably hit the water, your distance and score (among other statistics) are sent to a high score leaderboard.

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May 21 2010 Anchor

Im pretty sure alot of people would like a multiplayer style gametype to go along with the game maybe allow people to create their own servers or something or connect them to a master server. Also i tihnk a good addition to the game would be a target hitting mode where instead of getting points off of jumping on the island you get points based of targets that are floating in the air and shooting them with some kinda dart gun. Hope this will be added would be really cool to see people fail around me while im playing.

Jun 23 2010 Anchor

Woah, i didn't even know we had forums here... sorry for being a month late... but I do think it would be very cool to have multiplayer, I have zero experience with that kind of programming, but now that I have the time, I will be digging around a bit to see how feasible it might be...

Jun 26 2010 Anchor

lol no problem about being a month late atleast multiplay may be implemented now :D and i also hope the target hitting gamemode can get in to that would be fun :) oh and another suggestion hope ya look back here cuz maybe if you do happen to put in multiplayer support you could give the players a gun to push other players away from landing on an island or a raceing mode of some type.

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