What is Iron Soul about, you ask? Well, it is the unpredictable fusion of 3rd person shooting and fast platforming in a story driven, 3D action game. To make it happen, the team drew inspiration from various school 3rd person titles we all know and love (Name dropping MDK!). Such elements are reinvigorated within a industrial setting full of mad robots, unknown voices and mysterious compounds. It has been a long, two year journey for both the development team, project and its protagonist, H-25 but we are finally there. - Singleplayer & Story driven. - Hybrid 3rd Person Shooter & Platformer - Fully voiced, regardless of sanity or humanity

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Aug 21 2013

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Aug 17 2013


Here you can talk about various (and mildy) insane topics such as H25, his creator (Cyrus) and of course, the bot-mageddon conspiracy!