Bringing console quality control and gameplay to touch screens!

Finally, a mobile game for gamers! Inspired by the 16-bit era, the golden age of space games, and the game Star Control in particular, ionAXXIA brings proper gaming to mobiles in this design-your-own-ship arcade space-combat shooter. No more need to carry your 3DS or Vita or Switch when you want a real game on the go. ;)

Arcade game control

Supporting pioneering control schemes as well as hardware controllers, ionAXXIA brings the console/arcade experience to the touchscreen and PC/console. Dodge, weave, spin, shoot. Use a planet's gravity for a speed slingshot, or draw your pursuer into a fatal collision with an explosive asteroid. This is real gameplay, dependent on reactions and skilful execution regardless of the platform played on.

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Tactical gameplay through design-your-own-ships

Design the perfect vessels to conquer/save the universe, selecting from components in millions of combinations to balance fire-power, manoeuvrability and cost to fit your play style and the current level challenges, whether that's direct combat or using environmental hazards to your advantage.

LR image5

Classic '90s space-game flavouring

Inspired by the great 1990s space games such as Master of Orion, Ascendancy, and of course Star Control, ionAXXIA indulges in the same delight of varied tech and gobbledegook sci-fi jargon. As well as the typical blasters and laser beams, expect cluster-missiles, gravity wells, and maybe a few 'antimatter cones' and 'space limpits'. ;)

LR image4

Still a mobile game

ionAXXIA doesn't overreach itself, and is designed around short bouts so you can get a decent game when you've just got a few minutes to kill, or blow an afternoon perfecting your skills and levelling your components. A wealth of alternative control options also bring a simpler interface so the delights of real games are accessible to mobile gamers unaccustomed to d-pads and face-buttons.

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ionAXXIA released and available to play now!

After some two years of work, ionAXXIA is now publicly available in Early Access form, on Steam and Android. I set out to create a classic top-down space shooter with the playability of the 16 bit classics, and to make it playable as such on touch screens as if they were portable gaming machines like Vita and Switch. The end result is the best arcade action on every device, and this Early Access release makes it available for everyone to try and feed-back to improve.

Arcade action

In this first release you can experience the core concepts of taking to the skies in ships you design.

Design your own ships

A wealth of control schemes means you can find one that gives you exactly the experience you want, whether core controller style or with casual mobile tap controls, and even change it up between plays and devices.

Highly customisable controls

Development is progressing according to my philosophy or 'Progressive Development', ensuring releases and updates provide a level of quality worthy of your time. The roadmap can be viewed here and shows what you can look forwards to over the coming months.

ionAXXIA Roadmap

So give it a look and let me know what you think on either the forums here or through whichever platform you try it on.



novaWARS becomes ionAXXIA - releasing in days!

novaWARS becomes ionAXXIA - releasing in days!


Concluding the final step for public release, novaWARS gets an ID change to become ionAXXIA!

The Inspiration behind novaWARS

The Inspiration behind novaWARS


The inspiration behind the creation of novaWARS - Star Control, Master of Orion, and Babylon 5!

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