Invidia 422AC is the first game with all religions and the first puzzle-city builder hybrid. Set in 422 with you as the main hero playing a King of a rising settlement, you are free to change the future of the world. Puzzle board and cubes simulate the building of your own city, while you take care of the economics, trade and important decisions. While the game features economy, banking, trading and “choose your own adventure” style quests, it is also filled with knowledge, facts and conspiracies from the real world. Few will be the lucky ones to beat the game, for they will be presented with the golden cubes - bits of knowledge from the author himself. And if you are unlucky enough to get assassinated by stonemasons or beaten up by demons you can always... play again. We've got the spear of destiny, the holy grail, the seal of Solomon and lots and lots of Templars, so come on down and join the fun!

kibertoad says

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This game is different. Certainly not polished, maybe not even exactly finished (there are not that many things to do and it seems that not all options actually matter), but it has a rather interesting feel to it...

It gets rather grindy in the beginning and in the end (although no monotonous input needed, you just have to wait till you accumulate enough resources), but in-between, especially the first time you play, there are few nice twists to experience.

Here's hope that the dev will either update or follow-up this brave, but rather incomplete game.

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