Insanity throws you into the depth of a research facility responsible for biotechnology . As a inspector for the UN you take a visit at the facility. The only thing you find is anarchy and pain.

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Started Development


Starting a development process...
Starting development on a game you've been planned to make over 2 years now is not as simple as you think. Models, sounds, scripts.. a lot must been collected and worked on before starting creating your geometry. 2 days ago I started with a sci-fi scene, to simulate the high tech facility, but cancelled that due to being to early in the story line. I'm now focusing on getting back in the facility, since you've been left alone in a rotten maintenance area..

About our protagonist: Eric Rodriquez, a UN counsel observer, visited the complex because of complains of employees that strange noises could be heard from the T3 level security sector. As he went down there to check on them. Alarms went off and shots were fired. In a matter of seconds he got tired, fell asleep and dragged away.. only to wake up in a rotten corridor. feeling confused, strange and angry, he sets out to find who did this to him, why he did it, and to stop him. Here a piece of Eric's audio log (typed out)

- Audio log 7 March 2013 -

As an visitor for the European counsel, I was walking through the main halls of the facility when a alarm went off. I tried my way to an exit but everyone was in panic. I heard some gunshots in the background. After some searching, I got very light in my head and fell in some sort of sleep... I woke up in a rotten corridor, not knowing where I was and what I did to get there. I feel strange, like something is different. Nevermind, no time to waste; time to find out what happened with me..

- End of log -

I will finish the very last bits of chapter one at the end of next week. Maybe i'l post a sneak gameplay online for the people who cannot wait.

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