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Initiative: Red Dawn is an online multiplayer business strategy game set in the current space race inspired by NASA’s unending progress and SpaceX’s revolution. But that description falls short. It's much more than that.

Made with beautiful 3D art and innovative mechanics, it's a challenge in which you have to make your way in real time among other competitors to be the first to establish a self-sutainable colony on Mars.

Whether team up or fly solo, play nice or slyly engage others, be safe and steady or risk it all to get there first. It is up to you to make the best aerospace company ever and shape the future of the human race.

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  • Build Your Base on Earth.
  • Expand your company by creating Space Stations and Moon colonies on your way to Mars.
  • Hire and train your Talents.
  • Research Technologies.
  • Design and assemble your rockets.
  • Compete for private and government contracts.
  • Plan your missions and Launch your rockets.
  • Corporate wars: Attack and defend.
  • Holdings: Unite with other players.
  • Manufacture engines, fuel tanks, and everything else you need or trade them in a global market.

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Establishing a colony on Mars is such a big endeavour you'll need to construct all the necessary buildings to achieve that.

Base Screenshot New 1 1280

Most buildings are upgradeable and will require Talents to function. They are divided into five categories:

  • Corporate: handles your Talent hiring, resources purchases, corporate security, etc.
  • Research: discover new technology and enhance the rocket parts you create
  • Manufacture: build your rockets!
  • Operations: launch your missions
  • Recreation: improve your Talent's happiness, the look of your base, and get some income with visitors center, etc.

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The Future is Offworld!

Before reaching Mars, you will be establishing other colonies outside Earth:

  • Space Station: construct your own space station to do research and mine asteroids
  • Moon Outpost: establish your base there to gather resources
  • Mars colony: finally create your colony on Mars and make it sustainable to win the game

Other colonies

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Your company needs people to work on. You'll need to hire Talents to make most of your buildings work.

Talents require payment, and you need to hire them before others do, because they are shared among the server, so the best ones will be hired quickly. They also will level up as they work with you, and their happiness is also up to you to make them perform better or worse.

Character poses   STATS   900

They have a set of base stats that affect how they will perform on different building categories. They are:

  • Loyalty
  • Workmanship
  • Creativity
  • Corporate
  • Focus

Also, some of them may have passive effects on your company, and special skills you will be able to activate manually.

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Discover new Technologies!

Your scientists will be able to work on a new technology to make it available. There's a technology tree divided into four categories to research from:

  • Avionics: computers, energy distribution, radars, AI, etc.
  • Propulsion and Energy: engines, fuels, colony energy systems, etc.
  • Structures and Support: alloys, radiation shields, colony modules, etc.
  • Corporate Relations: firewall, cost and time reductions, security, etc.

TechTree example1 small

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The whole point is to build rockets, so this is a huge part of the Initiative.

Spacecraft building requires you to define:

  • Engine
  • Fuel tanks
  • Cargo

VehicleAssemblyBuilding 900 Indi

Everything you use to build your rocket adds weight and defines the possible destination.

You'll need to closely watch your success rate before launching, which you can improve with better technology, better Talents and better rocket parts

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Compete against other players for private and government contracts.

There will be many types of contracts with different requirements and obligations. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Launch Satellites to Orbit
  • ISS cargo and crew missions
  • Science missions
  • Military contracts
  • Space exploration

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Defend from those who play dirty (and play dirty yourself)

This is a race after all. Sometimes you need to play a bit dirty to get an advantage.

Corporate wars 300x230

You will be able to (and need to defend from):

  • Espionage
  • Technology stealing
  • Talent poaching
  • Construction sabotage
  • Dirty PR campaigns

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Join forces with allies!

Not everything is competition. There are those who will join you to race together

You will be able to form or join a Holding and become part of even a greater group to help each other in times of need

Space Launch 900 IndieDB

Thank you for reading! For more info follow us on any of our social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or join the newsletter on our Website.

Also tell us what you think in the comment section below. We will answer every question and consider any idea you may have to improve this game.

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Hi! It's been some time since my last report. But believe me, waiting was worth it.

Here, you can see our very first gameplay trailer, which will give you a rough idea of what The Initiative is all about. Now, it does not include every single aspect of it, but enough to get you excited, I'm sure.

And pretty soon we'll make another exciting announcement. So, stay in touch!

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What is The Initiative


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Initiative - Kickstarter Launch Date + Space Station + Discord


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