INFRA puts you into the boots of a structural analyst on a routine mission. Quickly though, your task turns into a fight for survival, all caused by deep-rooted schemes of the past. Your tools are simple: your camera and the wits to navigate a labyrinth of debris.

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Very nice level design, among the best i saw in Source.
Puzzles very well integrated into the levels and not very hard.
Perfect length for what it gives in gameplay.
The levels "story" that means the felling they convey to you is very nice.


There's no real action on this game, there's some spots with some urgency and the potential for you to die but they are few and between, the majority of the game is walking around solving harmless puzzles, taking useless pictures, reading papers, hearing voice overs from the main character and phone conversations between him and his boss.

About pictures the camera unfortunately serves no real purpose, it has no real connection with the gameplay it fells has if it was implemented at last minute and the game was not made around it.

The story to me was average and the voice acting from the lead character didn't really helped to make it more enticing, has a non native English speaker sometimes it was hard to comprehend him because of the accent.

The save system is very simplistic and has the unfortunate potential to make you die in a infinite loop, it happened to me.

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