Infestation Survivor Story (formerly known as The WarZ) is the world's first survival MMO in a zombie infested world. You may have played games before - now it's time to live one.

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Infestation Survivor Stories has a lot of potential,but the developers simply don't care about their game...This could be an awesome survival game but it isn't just because the developers don't release many updates,they don't fix bugs,and there's one thing that me and many more people hate:The fact that you have to pay to have items instead of trying to find them,they should remove that!If you want this,you go look for it while you're playing!That's why I give this game a 6/10.

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I do enjoy this game when i do play it, i just have to say, i cannot play on a normal server cause of whats been claimed of hacker centrals, but yet i play on a PvE server which i find very fun, i cant wait till when they do decide to add content, but im glad they are working on it everyday with what they can, atleast they dont just make a game and throw it out and never even attempt to fix anything, atleast their trying, be nice if they actually read the things some people want though XD but its…

May 2 2013 by Marktk