Inferno+ is an atmospheric twin-stick action-RPG. Explore 40+ levels with your drone companions while upgrading your ship, collecting gold, discovering secrets, unlocking achievements, and destroying everything in sight. Then do it again at a higher difficulty level or with more upgrades and enemies in New Game+.

SirNamTaey says

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Inferno+ really surprised me at first. I didn't really expect much from a game where you played as a glowing ball. But I was quite pleased to say that Inferno+ was actually tactical and fun. Like Radiangames' Ballistic and many other games, Inferno+ is a frantic top-down shooter. Like I said before, you play as a glowing ball (or ship) that has the ability to shoot and use a force-field. The levels are like deadly mazes where you must dodge and weave while firing and quickly use your force-field to block enemy lasers.

But what does Inferno+ have that other top-down shooters don't? Well, Inferno+ brings several defining features. For example, there is customization and enhancements for your ball-ship which are earned by completing levels and collecting money. You can play a super fast ship with nifty homing missiles or a more defensive and more heavily armored ship with lots of helpful drones. Inferno+ also brings a slightly more tactical and RPG feel. You can't just rampage through everything like a psychopathic god! There are keys that open doors, special items to collect and secret exits and passageways and of course, bosses. You also have to be careful and skilled with your combat. Enemies will have homing lasers and will even navigate their way around to shoot at you. You have to keep firing, then move, then activate the force-field and get to that cover. You will have to prioritize your targets and make intelligent decisions.

Inferno+ is also of course has that signature neon looking graphics and thumping music that Radiangames has become known for. I personally love the feel although it can become overwhelming at some points (possibly seizure causing.) Unfortunately, Inferno+ is a but short as it only has 40 levels. I would love to see some multiplayer for Inferno+ because come on, who wouldn't want Inferno+ dogfights? So I give Inferno+ a 83/100 for going the extra step.

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