One hundred years have passed since the end of the first Independence War, and far from the riches of Sol and the core systems, trouble is brewing. Now, Independence War 2 gives space sim fans multiplayer action and lifelike spacecraft physics in this sequel to Independence War. The Badlands Cluster: Eight barely habitable star systems populated by the flotsam and jetsam of humanity who, after years of oppression at the hands of greedy corporations and ruthless marauder bands, are ready to fight back. 15 years after witnessing the murder of his father by the sadistic heir to a corporate fortune, Cal Johnston plans his revenge. With the help of a small band of escaped prisoners - and a dead war hero immortalised in silicon - his actions inadvertently become the trigger for rebellion. The stage is set for history to repeat itself, and force mankind once more over the Edge of Chaos...

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Idependence War II Custom Puffin Tug for Player [WIP]
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This is/will be a new Player Ship to replace the tier 2 Ship of the campaign known as the Advanced Patcom or FastAttackShip, it is a remodelled Puffin Tug with your custom Command Section slapped on it and an reworked engine aray, it also will boast wing docking ports for your T-Fighters and also "Dock on Turrets". I came up with it because I thought that the Puffin Tug's also would deserve some love, since they are pretty much cannon fodder and exist since the first Game, also because I thought it would make more sense to have refitted ships rather than state of the art ships, since you are a pirate in this game and lets not forget you also later get your hands on a Heavy Corvette which to me looks just like a upscale of the Advanced Patcom, so its mostly to please my self and to get some more diverse Ship designs.

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