In this classical dungeon crawler you delve into 10 floors of finest dungeon crawling.
Collect more than 20 items, and fight aginst more than 20 enemies and bosses.
Master more than 10 spells and be the first who reach the big treasure at the end of the dungeon.

* 10 Floors
* 20+ Monsters
* 20+ Items
* 10+ Spells
* Save at any time

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Hello fellow gamers!

Indeep finally hit Steam Greenlight and is now available for voting! I also created a new Trailer to point out the important features of the game.

I am still working on the new UI for PC and also some more graphic tweaks. I got some good critique from users and will also try to work out some features based on their critiques.

I also released some bug fixes for both the Android and the PC version. If you are asking for the Linux and iOS version, they are still planned, but for me the PC overhaul is more important aat the moment. The Linux and iOS version will profit from it, I promise. :)

I have learned many things since I released Indeep one month ago. I am very happy to experience my firts game launch and look forward to the updates, the reactions of you guys and to work on new games. I will keep you updated on news and updates/patches for Indeep.

Thanks for your critique and for playing Indeep.



Indeep PC Graphic Update WIP

Indeep PC Graphic Update WIP


An insight in the upcoming graphic update for the PC Version.

Indeep released

Indeep released


Indeep is now available for Android and Windows. Dive in in oldschool dungeon crawling and gather some loot!

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