A text-based adventure for the new age. Based on a revolutionary concept for non-linear storytelling by upcoming game designer Peter Moorhead. Featuring the enchanting pixel art of Brian Callahan, and a beautiful dynamic soundtrack by Nick Borrego.

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I agree with WASSERSTERN. Although the game is very simple now, it's in it's first stage of beta. The storyline is creative, the graphics are so retro, and the gameplay could be the best of any text adventure out there. Keep it up, Cube Noir!

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While it's hard to judge from such an early beta, Incursion immediately shows great potential, and great execution. The mix between old and new is everywhere: graphics, music, narrative. It may seem odd at first, when you see the neatly cut trees or perfectly round celestial bodies, but it gives a very unique look to the game - not that much of a rarity these days with games using triangles, squares, voxels, and so on with great results, but still very nice; or when the - quite classic at first…

Mar 21 2012 by Hyeron