Take control of an alien abductee as you try to escape from the confines of an alien spaceship. This would be hard enough without the tranquilizers they keep you pumped full of. Every time you wake up, you have but 30 seconds to make a break for it before the drugs kick back in. You can explore your memory of the ship in between runs to learn more about your captors and plan your next escape attempt. Use the items scattered about the ship to aid in your escape, and overcome the obstacles how you see fit. Find the key to open the door, turn off the hydraulics and pry the door open, or go around it by crawling through the vent to the next room and smashing the glass door in between. There is no single solution to any problem.

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A status update, with a new beta release, and a description of the changes and progress on the project since last week.

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Download the updated beta here.

Changes in this version:

  1. Pause menu added to the game. During the run mode it simply dims the screen, but during memory mode you can adjust the volume settings and reconfigure the controls. Note though that since there’s no sound right now, the volume settings don’t do a whole lot.
  2. Options menu redesigned. Previously the options page was just the controller configuration, but now the volume controls are in there as well.
  3. Options save between sessions. Settings persist between game sessions instead of restoring to defaults each time the game is opened.

There really is no excuse for the fact that the first beta didn’t have a pause menu. Seriously, I don’t know how I overlooked that. I don’t really play the game the way a player would, so simple things like that get overlooked. It’s one of the downsides to being a one-man show.

The update this week will be pretty slim. If you’ve been paying attention you know I recently moved across the country, and the movers arrived in the middle of the week with our stuff so I spent a good deal of time this week unpacking. I usually get my best game development time on Saturdays, and I spent this one carting boxes around the house. I did do a lot of intangible work on the level design. I didn’t make any big changes to the map, and the ones I did aren’t accessible in game yet anyway, but I did flowchart out the intended path through the level. Since the map is so open and there are very few hard gates, it takes a while to turn that flowchart into good map data. It’s coming along pretty well though, and hopefully next week I will be able to open up the map past the first puzzle so you can actually get to the new content. I also spent some time doing a few new graphics, as the “bathrooms” on the ship looked nothing like bathrooms. I didn’t really plan for having that type of room back when I did the bulk of the graphics, so there were no tiles for things you would expect to find in bathrooms, namely toilets. As a parting gift, here are some of those new art assets in action in one of the inaccessible new parts of the ship.

Excuse the red tint, I got caught on the way there. On the bright side, all of the aliens that have been holding it for the past few months can finally relieve themselves.

Excuse the red tint, I got caught on the way there. On the bright side, all of the aliens that have been holding it for the past few months can finally relieve themselves.


looks good

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