“Unabashedly retro yet forward thinking at the same time” - Nick Tylwalk, GameZebo (4.5 out of 5). “Doesn’t require taking mushrooms” – Joseph Bernstein, Kill Screen. All the way from the arcades of pixel-world comes in Space, a fast-paced procedurally generated infinite round-based action and match-three puzzle game hybrid with persistent upgrades, mad difficulty options, and a pumping soundtrack. in Space combines simple mechanics to create engaging gameplay, and with each unlocked ship comes different weapons that change how you play, from nega-beams and time manipulation to explosive sniper rifles. The entire game is wrapped in the aesthetic of an Atari 2600, with music by Matthew le Blanc. It features four modes, including Match Three and Survival, no load times, one boss fight, and enemies that will test the very fibre of your being. in Space, no one can hear you match three.

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Vaultnishi says

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Haven’t really played a block shooter since the Geometry Wars days and this does a good job in making it feel fresh and new. Your ship is kept behind a screen wide white line and if the enemies get to that line, it blows up your ship. The line expands each shot you take and goes back each enemy you kill in a color combo set.

The music is really awesome and feels paced with the game itself the further you get through each level. And starts to get really hectic the further you progress through the game. Also includes multiple different modes and has different ways to to kill the enemies to survive.

For a game priced at this area its a really cool game and even if you only play a few hours of it, you will still get your moneys worth. I recommend picking up if you want a different retro shooter that has an arcade feel.

Buy, Sale or Pass:
2.99 for the game is worth the Buy, even if its just a time killer.


megadriver says

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Remember those addictive arcade games from the early 80s?

This one will make you remember, even if you weren't around back then!


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