L-2 Sturmovik (Ил-2 Штурмовик) is a WWII combat flight simulator video game, focused on the air battles of the Eastern Front. It is named after the Soviet Ilyushin Il-2 ground-attack fighter, which played a prominent role in this theatre and is the single most produced military aircraft design to date. Along with its sequels, IL-2 Sturmovik is considered one of the leading World War II flight simulators.

miner_15 says

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A very great game for someone who's out looking for realistic type of game. For people who played Battlestations, HAWX or Ace Combat, if you want to try this game, believe me, you will NOT "own" someone in this game. those are arcade, not simulator
Here you can get engine overheat, annoying wind and turbulence, have limited fuel and ammo, weight will be accounted for, pilots can die if they are shot (yes, on cockpit), and many more.
I was surprised by this game at first and was too lazy to learn it. But no, after i actually did, this game is awesome.
it's so realistic, the wing can snap, fuel tank can burn, propellers even fell from the tip of the engine!

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