Assemble a team of warriors and delve into the endless dungeons of Utopia to face off against waves of enemies, collect loot, and compete online for high scores. Issue commands to your squad directly or sit back and watch them fight and explore on their own.

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Form your party and battle waves of enemies to level up, upgrade your warriors, and collect new, more powerful gear. Each time you enter a dungeon you'll be stronger than you were the last time, but don't let your guard down - the deeper you go the more ruthless the enemies you'll encounter, and every 100 floors a powerful boss will appear to end your run if you're unprepared.

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  • Infinite Dungeons: The deeper you go, the stronger the enemies (and the better the loot) you'll find.
  • Active & Idle Gameplay: Call the shots or sit back and let your team explore, slay monsters, and rack up tons of loot on their own. Play the game how you want.
  • Dynamic Exploration: Treasure rooms, hidden boss encounters, and other randomized events make every outing unique.

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  • 30+ Playable Characters: Any enemy encountered can be recruited to your team. Fill your ranks with valiant heroes, merciless villains, or bloodthirsty monsters, and upgrade them to create the ultimate unstoppable team.
  • Character Fusion: Combine warriors to create powerful hybrids with unique stats and abilities.
  • Take Your Team Online: Compete in challenges with players across the world to see whose squad can claim the top spot on the leaderboards.

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  • Procedurally-Generated Gear: All equipment you collect has unique stats and perks that are generated based on how far you've made it in your run, and since dungeons are endless, the variety of gear you can find is too.
  • Upgradable Base: Materials you collect while exploring can be used to upgrade your base and unlock new gameplay features, such as a dojo that can level up your heroes even when you're offline.

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Countdown to Launch: Bosses Pt. 1


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HyperLeague Heroes - Steam Next Fest Demo


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HyperLeague HQ - Upgrading Your Base


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Hero Abilities Pt. 1 (Dev Diary #1)

Hero Abilities Pt. 1 (Dev Diary #1)


HyperLeague Heroes features over 30 playable characters–each with their own unique ability that adds an extra layer of strategy to battles, collecting...

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